Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leadership Development Program

Dear LDP Participants,

At the onset let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart for attending this LDP conference. Without you it would not have been possible to have this grand success. I hope that you would have found the talks both 
innovative and helpful to you in your professional life.Being a great leader at work is paramount to the success of any person who wants to gain influence and become an integral part of their institute or their respective field of work.

One certainty in life is that the future holds unpredictable changes. We start every day not knowing exactly what to expect. Life brings lessons and opportunities that we don't always welcome. It forces us to take risks, become vulnerable, and open ourselves to the unknown.Great leaders turn adversity into advantage. They recognize that someone must take charge and make the decisions. Strategy is planned and a course of action is begun to achieve change because of that person. It's essential to your future to become your own change leader.

Being a good leader or even a great leader is just not enough if you want to keep moving up in your career. You must be so remarkable that no one can help but notice you. You must do great things not once or twice, but  continuously in order to stand out, get noticed, and propel yourself to the top.

The earnest desire of organizing this LDP was to develop the dormant leader in each one of us so that we can excel in our own fields and also be a beacon of light to others in and around us , so that it helps in the overall development of the society.

Once again wish you all a wonderful future ahead.

Editor - Indian Journal of Ophthalmology - All India Ophthalmological Society
Chairman and Managing Director - Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Pvt.Ltd.
Prof. of Ophthalmology, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences 
National Board of Examination, New Delhi
Visiting Prof. The Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University 
Website: www.ijo.in
Email: prof.drsn@gmail.com , editor@ijo.in  
PH: +91-22-24177600

Dear sir
I think it for us to thank you since the program was for our development. It is really nice of you to have gone to this extent to help us and plan the program for us. As a true leader you liked us to excel and encourage us.  I believe a lot can be learnt from the senior people itself like you. The whole exercise was meant for our improvement or rather our evolution and therefore I thank you for doing this for us, for going out of the way and taking out time for this program for us. 


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