Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My life

Dear Jena,

It was a great pleasure knowing you . Everyday patients give me compliment regarding my youthfulness .

I startwd writing to unfold my own secrets, which I myself did not analyse. This Letter has become very long. If you are bored reading, sorry, you don't have to read. You can delete.

If you wish, you can send your critical comments. It looked self boasting. With Humility , I like to confess, it is not self boasting, it is my introspection of looking inwards spiritually and documenting for others to benefit.

I also like Kathy  and Kumar to respond whenever they have time. My another best friend from Madras Medical College Prof,dr,Retneswari is also very youthful. She also should give her secrets.

You have made me think, since you asked me what cosmetics I use to get this youthful skin.  You also commented, I have6 beautiful set of white teeth, I get compliment from my school days, that I am ever smiling with shining white teeth ( may be contrast with my skin colour )

Mf friends also feel, that my skin is good because of cosmetics, I think basically because of my youthful thinking, I am looking youthful. Let me explain, what you deeply desire, you accomplish. I decided in younger days, to look ever sixteen, I decided not to wear glasses. I don't wear glasses. I decidedand prayed since I was five years old, that I want to be internationally reknowned ophthalmologist ( since  My grandfather and father are ophthalmologists) .

Many people, I am sure you Also will get a doubt, How is it possible, I learnt it very simply, not to doubt, what ever I dream. My dream is to get all Video awards. My other dreams are to run a chain of eye hospitals, finally do research in vision sciences and get Noble prize for Medicine.

Hence my source of fountain of youth is my youthful mind , Energetic body and spiritually evolved soul.

Simply believe yourself, be youthful. Ask me more questions, so that I can reveal the Secret of my youth more openly.

Boarded Chengdu Flt to Mumbai . Now 11 pm china time:

Now I am adding few points I remembered, some of my schoolmates met me 36 years later ( I finished schooling in 1974). They mentioned I have frozen, they wanted o know How I have the baby face and good skin same as in school.  This was same feeling by a tour guide in Athens in this jan.

Another reason, I feel and look young is to be with youngsters as much as possible. I have a dance teacher, I learn Latin American dance, cha cha, salsa, tango, hip hop, etc., ball room , bachata, meringe, jive, fox trot, Venetian Walts, etc., by lerning new things you grow younger. Once a week I dance vigorously with happiness, for 3 to 4 hrs non stop. All my friends ask me how I have so much energy, see Robin Sharma book. We have Caves in an island, which is very small and few kilometres from Mumbai in the Arabian Sea, where there is a statue of Lord NatarajaShiva (Dancing Lord) which says, the lord gets energy from dancing. Swami Sukhobhodananda says Dance out of happiness , not for Happiness.

Another thing I remember , I eat a lot of chillies. I like everything spicy, I don't take chocolates, sweets, deserts, etc., I feel chillies are lie drugs, gives me a kick. Only thing it is difficult and not possible for getting addictedfor many.i think, laughing loudly, joking, taking life easy, dancing, exercising, eating chillies, gives me endorphins. ENDORPHINS are hormone which is secreted when you are happy, may be it is anti ageing, anti cancer, anti depressant and Mood elevators,. It always keeps me high in life. Hence I dont need to drink alcohol, I do not moe, do not take alcohol in any form.

I also follow, Swami Vivekananda, who said, "They alone live, who live for others". I always follow swami Vivekananda, but after I lost my 75 years old mother who was paralytic ( who prayed, blessed me to live happily and ever young).  We have a god, Lord Markendeya who blesses you to be ever sweet sixteen. I pray him.  I also use creams for my skin. I love myself, my body, my skin, my simplicity.

I have friends in Antwerpen , they know me since 1990. They have nick an med me as Benjamin Button. ( Did u see the movie "The curious case of Benjamin Button.") in that scientific fiction movie, he grows younger . All my patients say I am growing younger, they are growing older. The patient , I have operated in 1984, came for follow up. He did not recognise me, he thought I was Natarajan's son. I told him the same Natarajan, but he said he has become older, lost hair, how come I look younger than , how I was looking in 1984.  That time, I was not doing exercise. I wanted early morning walks with my best friend D.Sivanandhan, ex Director General of Police since 1988. Now since last three years, we are in Gym daily.

I think, growing young is how I enjoy life moment to moment. Only positivity. Move with positive friend, be cheerful from heart. Do not act, do it from bottom of heart. Yesterday I learnt lot of lessons from Kathy in Dinner table in Hyatt 56 th floor Italian Restaurant. To be positive in mind, body and soul.

Hope to hear from you.

I use this e mail regularly, other one, I use in the I phone. I am typing on my flight from Shanghai to Chengdu.

I am marking a copy to my secretary Joseph, to send details to my  Dad ( 86 years old ophthalmologist)  friends  (gita sundaram, mrs.joshi, etc.,), to Amayu Sahu, Shrikande, etc.,  who are helping me to write a Biography."........."EYE SIGHT TO INSIGHT"-----Life on the ladder of evolution.

During my athletic practice in 1976, my mentor my own classmate Mahesh Kumar taught me to do vigorous practise and take adequate rest. But I naturally defied him. I used to sleep less, sleep erratically, not eating healthy food always. Later I read a book Age less Body and Timeless mind by Dr.Deepak Chopra. He says defy normal physiology, if you feel 2 hrs sleep is enough, then pk, but if you say I need 6 or 7 hrs slep, thn anything less I'll make tired. Dr. Amalyu Sahu has asked my secretaries to record my daily activities to watch how I enjoy sleeping only few hors and still be energetic nd youthful. Dr.shrikhande has asked to record number of kilometres I have flown and number of kilometre si have covered by surface.

Some times I go for night show movie and go to sleep at 2 am and get up at 6 am and go to gym, sometimes, I sleep for more than 8 hrs and still feel lazy to go to gym. I know now, everything is in the MIND. EVERYHING IS CREATED TWICE, FIRST IN MIND , THEN IN REALITY ! ! ! !

My best friend is also my best critic, he always shows the mirror , for me to realise life. He always says, I waste lot of time trying to look younger. He says, like wise men wisdom, why not I grow old gracefully, one reason he says, I do not use glasses, particularly reading glasses, and colour my hair. I always look at myself when I start the day, I look young. I look for few seconds, but 100 s are looking at me . I want to spread happiness, fountain of youth.  I got the best compliment from Dr.Ron Yeoh and Dr.Abhay Vasavada, that since years in any American , European or Asian conference, I tithe the most elegantly and immaculately perfectly dressed smart ophthalmologist in the world. I always say I DRESS TO KILL.  I am wearing tie since I was five years old, see my book YOU CAN DO IT ! ! !

I have done about 27,000 vitreo retinal surgery. Abhay says I am a master class surgeon with excellent craftsmanship. My mentor used to say in 1980s, I am a gifted Vitreo Retinal surgeon with golden fingers. I enjoy doing surgery, which is yoga for me.

Any new instruments I want to buy and always learn newer techniques.  Same thing with learning new Computer skills. I learn and unlearn. Change is the only constant in my life. I learnt from Shiv Khera and Kathy to do Continuous Improvement.

I always ssalute my Mom, dad, guru, my best friend and God, I respect elders, respect old age. I go out of the way to make old people very happy. I think I get blessings to be young in Abundance from all my older patients and older ophthalmologists.

I read a lot of positive quotes, books, etc.,

I have lot of problems in life, I follow Thirukural, written in tamil as a two liner saying by ThiruValluvar  (whose statue is in a small island in amalgamation of three oceans a few metres from tip of Southern India Kanyakumari,  adjacent to rock memorial of Swami Vivekananda, I follow both of them from my childhood) , ThiruValluvar says, a man who has maximum tragedy, problems, etc., should laugh at it so loudly, the problems vanish. I am always happy, smiling, laughing, cracking silly jokes, child like. No body can make out my problems. My best medical college friend dr.kumar says, if he would have gad problems like me, he would have broken and become insane. He is amazed , how I cam face life's problems.

Mr. Sivanandhan, my best friend says, more loud I laugh, I have more problem. Actually I do not have any problems. I find solution or all the problems.

I read books on Sony, Einstein, Steve jobs. Etc., I listen to nice Tamils songs whenever I m in the car travelling, by I pd while in flight . Even now I am listening to Tamils songs enjoying and writing this letter.

I thought I should give credit to my genetics. My maternal Gand mother is 94 years old, living alone in home town, washing clothes on her own, cooking for herself. Can travel by light from mumbai to Tuticorin down south, by walking herself without wheel chair. My maternal grand father lived till age of 94. Always think good for others.

Everyday our personal trainer Elton encourages, teches to drink adequate water, breathe in oxygen as much as possible. He says you can be youthful and makes me run in treadmill, which I love to do now.

I travel every week, meet different people, away from daily  mundane, boring life.

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